Fashion in Second Life

The fashion industry is very active in Second Life, the online virtual world. Second Life is created by Linden Lab and was launched in 2003. Technically, Second Life is not a game, but rather an online platform enabled by excellent 3D graphics where users, called Residents, can interact with each other using avatars. Fashion in Second Life is important then because in the SL world it is all about looks.

Second Life became the ultimate platform where fashion enthusiasts can log in and experiment with all kinds of trends. Imagine that, in Second Life, you can wear something that you couldn’t wear in your daily life. Second Life is also useful for photographers, agents, marketers, designers and models because they can use the online platform and create exciting work while also testing their products on the audiences. If you buy something in Second Life, you’ll be tempted to buy it in real life too.

Second Life is full of different brands and designers. The Residents of SL are interested in adding personality and style to their avatars, that is why a wide range of products like clothes and hair accessories are available. Designers also get a boost of creativity because they can upload their experimental textures and manipulate dozens of appearance settings in order to create all kinds of virtual goods, goods that will ultimately be bought by the Residents.

Brands are also huge right now in the world of Second Life. Every fashion icon like Jean Paul Gautier or Calvin Klein or Jimmy Choo has a store in Second Life. Second Life is also an excellent platform for new designers because they can open a store, upload their designs and develop their brand. If users start buying, that means that the brand is a Second Life success. Even Residents of Second Life can develop their own micro in-world business.

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